”Le IEA et son programme d’été m’a offert une nouvelle perspective sur la condition féminine en conjonction avec les déterminants de la santé.  Cette nouvelle perspective m’a permise a mon tour d’offrir à ma clientèle une meilleure gamme de services de consultation qui contribuent plus étroitement au développement sain des diverses communauté que ma compagnie dessert à travers le Nouveau Brunswick.” (2015)
Plus de témoignages en français à venir bientôt
Wondering what is unique about our programming? This is what past participants of ASI events have to say:

“I believe [the ASI] made me think more globally. I find we often think about issues/initiatives just within our own group and region and sometimes forget the other partners and groups that could be interested.” (2005)

“Fun and relaxed atmosphere with open minded compassionate people who want to work together to make our communities safe and healthy societies.” (2007)

“Perfect programming. Excellent chance to network and have discussions with others. All around job well done. I understand the importance of keeping the dialogue going in Atlantic Canada.” (2014)

“It is an immersion experience in a sea of passionate change agents.” (2007)

“The workshops were well organized and facilitated. There was so much good information made available. The participants represented diverse communities and organizations and this contributed to a rich sharing of knowledge and experience. The organizers are to be commended for the inclusion of the children’s program. The evening activities, while showcasing this wonderful province, provided participants with an opportunity to continue the networking and sharing, as well as just having some very pleasant down time. To the organizing committee of the 2010 ASI, I would like to say ‘well done’ and many thanks.” (2010)

“This is my 3rd summer institute and this was the best one yet. It’s definitely a valuable learning and networking opportunity.” (2014)

“I have used the knowledge and tools in a variety of ways from research to program development and sharing knowledge and tools with others.” (2008)

“The Summer Institute had a very important point in using the two official languages. The interpreters were very skilled and useful. I enjoyed being able to listen to the French presenters.” (2008)

“There was a lot packed into the 2 days, which challenged my thinking, but it was set up strategically, thoughtfully, and got me to a great beginning launch point. Watch out!” (2011)

“ASI: what an amazing bright light in our community. Thank you.” (2014)

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