Wondering what is unique about our programming? This is what past participants of ASI events have to say:

“The Forum program was exciting, informative, challenging and energizing! We did really well in this new virtual environment, with a lot of help from the ASI coordinating team.”
Participant, ASI 2020

“The Atlantic Summer Institute’s work is imperative in this region. It is opening up the space for intersectoral collaboration to share best practices in the Atlantic Region, as well as enabling connections to happen in order to propel our shared mission to create healthy communities. Every time I attend ASI I feel re-energized and reconnected in my own community.”
Arianne Melara, Project Manager, New Brunswick Multicultural Council; ASI Youth Leadership Program 2017-2019 

“A holistic perspective shone. I thought bookending the ASI by tapping into heart and spirit was very effective, creating space for the mostly intellectual participation in the middle. Substance and tone (inclusive, respectful) were both attended to, & both strong.”
Participant, ASI 2020 

“ASI is an opportunity for policy makers, community organizations, academics and practitioners to come together and explore new evidence and best practice. I am struck by the inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaborations that have resulted over the years and look forward to what will come from future Institutes.”
David Butler-Jones, Senior Medical Officer/Atlantic Region Medical Officer, First Nations & Inuit Health Branch – Health Canada, ASI 2018

“As a participant in ASI for a number of years, I return each year as ASI provides a chance to share our indigenous way of life with others, network to address our challenges, learn together and celebrate our shared humanity!”
Judy Clark, Elder in Residence, UPEI 

“I highly recommend the ASI Youth Leadership Program to anyone who is able to attend; the knowledge you gain, the connections you make, and the opportunities given to you through this program are beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.”
Emily Laite, Youth Leadership Program participant, ASI 2019

“ASI has given me opportunities to connect with sectors and organizations that I didn’t even know about. It brings an incredible mix of non-profit groups, researchers, educators, policymakers, businesses, and citizens. This diversity has made my professional relationships a lot more successful and brought a new level of partnership to my work. It has made it easier to work together with other groups to make our community stronger. … I have been to ASI three times and it has been amazing to see how much progress has been made in our communities thanks to the partnerships and collective work we have created together at this event.”
Caitlyn Ayn, Research Assistant, Community Health & Epidemiology, Dalhousie University, ASI 2017-2019

“ASI was leading by example for strong youth leadership and participation.”
Participant, ASI 2020

“ASI was a rewarding and uplifting experience. The sharing of best practices and commitment to Child Youth Mental was insightful and powerful. I came away from the experience highly motivated and reassured we are all very passionate and focused on collaborating and working together to build strong healthy and safe communities for our children. I have never been more convinced that we need to continue to work together and learn from each and everybody who works with youth in our region. Our greatest investment in our future is with our children.”
Doug Currie, VP Corporate Services, Holland College PEI: Former PEI Minister of Education & Minister of Health, ASI 2018-2019

“The ASI Youth Leadership Program gave me the resources and the platform necessary to educate myself and others about mental health. The various workshops and opportunities to connect youth with professionals through the Youth Program were crucial for me to develop the skills to self-advocate, ask the difficult questions, and gain industry insight.”
Chantal Peng, ASI Youth Leadership Program participant, 2019

“How do we re-establish “villages” that come together and collectively take responsibility for the wellbeing of our children and youth? ASI is responding powerfully to this gap, bringing together academics, practitioners, policy makers, children, youth and various other interested members of our communities to find effective pathways back to the village, where we re-envision not just professional services mandated with a focus on specific child and youth issues, but entire communities to attend to the whole child within a complex and dynamic context. The value I find in this community is consistently immeasurable!”
 Linda Liebenberg, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Dalhousie University, ASI 2018-2019

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