The Atlantic Summer Institute is a curriculum-based learning institute.  Curriculum is defined as a pathway for learning designed to meet stated outcomes through activities and materials. The ASI Curriculum offers learning designed to create healthier and safer communities.

How does this benefit me? The ASI is a program of progressive learning, which means that you will learn more each year that you attend. The workshops are participatory and interactive, encouraging you to share ideas and learn from the experiences of other participants. On completion of the curriculum, the ASI provides a Certificate of Participation, which may serve as a continuing education credit in some work settings.

The ASI offers three Curriculum Pathways:

  1. Foundations: Preparing to work together across sectors and cultures
  2. Application: Advancing learning in a case study approach to planning
  3. Specialization: Strengthening skills for community health and safety


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Specialization 2014:

Each year, the Specialization Pathway focuses on a given area of study – leadership, evidence, and strengthening community action. The Specialization Pathway is ideal for those who have completed the Foundation Pathway, are involved in community planning and partnering between sectors, and want to learn more about providing leadership in their communities.


1.    Gender, Diversity and Community Leadership
Based on the successful workshops piloted during 2011- 2012 and recommendations from young women that we include more opportunities for intergenerational learning in the ASI Program, ASI 2014 will offer a four-part workshop series on community leadership that will appeal to emerging and established leaders age 18 and up!

The workshops will offer participants an engaging intergenerational learning experience, with a focus on:

  •  Understanding the influence of age, gender and culture on leadership and the value of women’s leadership to women – and men
  •  Developing new skills and ideas about leadership – becoming the leader I am meant to be!
  •  Acting on a positive vision for a better society by creating a plan to take action on an issue they want to work on in their communities
  •  Building a strong network of mentors and supporters from different sectors and age groups


By participating in this series of workshops, participants will be empowered to recognize their leadership capabilities, be motivated to take action on underlying conditions in their home communities, and leave with a commitment to action and a network of friends and supporters who can help them turn their ideas into realities!


2.    Building and Using Evidence for Social Justice
This pathway will equip participants with models, skills and processes to find, collect, evaluate and use evidence. They will be challenged to use evidence to support the work of advancing social justice and building safe, healthy, inclusive and sustainable communities in Atlantic Canada.

The 2014 curriculum workshop “Building & Using Evidence for Social Justice” will work with a case study from Women’s Network PEI on women and poverty in Prince Edward Island. Learn more about the case study.

Upon completion of four modules, participants will have focused on:

  •  Understanding evidence
  • Finding and interpreting evidence
  • Using evidence to develop and evaluate policies and programs
  • Appreciating the use of evidence in building policies and programs


Participants will develop specific action plans and will be encouraged to continue working on their actions at home – examining evidence, consulting colleagues and allies, looking for opportunities to use evidence on social justice for positive change.

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