Pre-Institute Workshop

Begin your ASI experience with our optional Pre-Institute Workshop, “Elections and Long-Term Democratic Engagement of Citizens”.

Marie Burge of The Cooper Institute is facilitating this workshop, which takes place 9am-12pm, August 19 in the CAST Building of Holland College.

About the Workshop: 

Elections & Long-term Democratic Engagement of Citizens is an interactive workshop designed to address the concern that democratic elections often do not deliver long-term democratic citizen involvement. Participants will share their experience of election processes and identify values that either promote or hinder long-term democratic engagement. Working together, participants will propose changes and strategies for making electoral processes contribute to long-term citizen/community engagement in building strong democracies.

Registration is free for ASI participants, but you must register in advance, as seating is limited. The public is invited to take part and the workshop-only registration fee is $20.

Register Here:

About the facilitator

Marie Burge is a staff person and member of the Cooper Institute Collective and has thirty-nine years experience in popular education and participatory action research in Canada and developing countries. She has a BA degree (History), BEd degree (Psychology) and an MA degree (Sociology). Her current work with Cooper Institute involves working within community-based coalitions dealing with liveable income, fair employment insurance, concerns around Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, and hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. Within the PEI Working Group for Liveable Income she is involved in organizing and implementing community engagement around Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) and in training community animators for engagement in a wide variety of social justice issues. All of which is done within the context of democracy and resistance.

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