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What is the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities, Inc. (ASI)?

The Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities, Inc. is a Canadian non-profit, bilingual organization that promotes collaboration across sectors to make our communities healthier and safer places to live. We provide year-round collaborative community education (online and in-person). ASI was incorporated in 2008 and is managed by a Board of Directors. Click here for more information.

How long has the organization been offering programs?

The Atlantic Summer Institute has been offering programs since 2004.

Who attends ASI events?

ASI events are open to anyone with an interest in healthy and safe communities; such as: educators; health care professionals; researchers; community groups; law enforcement professionals; policy-makers; advocates; parents; caregivers; and youth.

Each year, different themes are chosen for ASI programming, which provides an opportunity for participants to broaden their knowledge by returning year after year.

What can I expect from an ASI event?

The ASI engages participants, providing them with an opportunity to develop skills, learn and share knowledge and work together on programs, policies and services. Participants examine the evidence regarding underlying issues that affect the health and safety of a community, such as: employment/working conditions; physical environment; social support networks; education; personal health and coping skills; healthy child development; gender and culture; income and social status. ASI events provide a real opportunity to strengthen collaboration across sectors in a meaningful way, and of note, collaboration and follow-up continue after the conclusion of each event. This ultimately leads to the creation of healthier and safer communities in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Simultaneous translation in French and English is provided for many ASI events, and Indigenous elements are included in each program.

Does ASI provide assistance with travel/registration costs?

The ASI believes in inclusion and reducing barriers to participation; therefore, we offer a limited number of subsidies to participants to help with costs associated with attending the Institute.

For additional information on subsidies please call us at (902) 894-3399 or email us at

Who should I contact with further questions about the ASI?

Please phone our office: 902-894-3399 or email us at You can also tweet us @ASI_HSC or visit our Facebook page.

What is unique about the ASI?

The Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities is a unique organization because it brings together people from many different backgrounds, promoting intersectoral collaboration on regional, provincial and community levels. ASI summer programs are more than conferences, they offer a “Pathway for Learning” curriculum that builds skills for community leadership. ASI engages participants, providing them with opportunities to develop skills, learn and share knowledge, and work together on programs, policies and services.

The Atlantic Summer Institute Inc. is the organization which manages all ASI Programming –summer and year round offerings. Since it incorporated in 2008, ASI has been managed by a Board of Directors representative of the Atlantic Region. The ASI Board makes it a priority to partner with many different organizations and encourage participation from local presenters and volunteers to encourage the impact of its programming. ASI also has a commitment to evaluation and follow-up, which ensures that the networking that occurs between participants and continues beyond each ASI event.

ASI has a commitment to inclusivity, and provides materials and translation in French and English whenever possible. The Circle of Health is used as the planning framework of the ASI, and programming is designed to be inclusive of diverse races, languages, genders, ages and socioeconomic background. Many ASI events include a youth engagement program and/or a free children’s program for the children of registered participants.

Is there an opportunity to engage youth in ASI programming?

The Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities recognizes the importance of fostering intergenerational learning, and includes a Youth Leadership Program in at the ASI forum. Young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are affiliated with a community group and have experience or are interested as an advocate or leader will be encouraged to apply.

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