ASI at CPHA Public Health Conference 2024

This week ASI president, Malcolm Shookner, and ASI coordinator, Patsy Beattie-Huggan are representing ASI at the prestigious Canadian Public Health Association’s Public Health 2024 conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As they gather at the Halifax Convention Centre, they are joining public health professionals, policy-makers, researchers, and students from across the nation and beyond in a collaborative effort to enhance health and well-being.

This year’s conference is a hub for sharing innovative research, advocating for evidence-based public health policies, and forging partnerships that promise to shape the future of public health in Canada. It’s great to see colleagues like Angela Hache, from the NBPEI Public Health Association and Claire Betker, Scientific Director from NCCDH.
At ASI, we’re proud to support and participate in these critical discussions that align perfectly with our mission of promoting mental wellness and health in communities. Patsy and Malcolm’s involvement ensures that ASI’s voice and experiences contribute to this national dialogue, emphasizing the importance of mental health within the broader spectrum of public health challenges.
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Together, we’re making a difference!
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