Announcing the Keynote Speakers for the 2024 ASI Conference: Professor Margaret Barry and Dr. Trevor Hancock

We are thrilled to unveil the keynote speakers for the upcoming 2024 ASI Conference, Professor Margaret Barry and Dr. Trevor Hancock. These distinguished speakers will lead a compelling presentation titled “Mental Health, Planetary Health, and a Well-Being Society: Looking to the Future,” setting the stage for a transformative exploration of the nexus between individual well-being and global environmental health.

About Professor Margaret Barry

Professor Margaret Barry is internationally acclaimed for her work in mental health research and public health education. Holding a prestigious position at the Global University of Public Health, Professor Barry has dedicated her career to advancing mental health strategies that embrace community and societal well-being. Her research has driven policy changes and implemented effective mental health programs across various populations, making her one of the most respected voices in public health today.

About Dr. Trevor Hancock

Dr. Trevor Hancock is renowned for his innovative contributions to public health and sustainable development. His career has spanned several decades during which he has focused on integrating environmental health into public policy. Dr. Hancock has been a pivotal figure in developing concepts such as healthy cities and communities and advocating for the critical intersection of health, well-being, and environmental sustainability.

Keynote Presentation: Mental Health, Planetary Health, and a Well-Being Society

The keynote address by Professor Barry and Dr. Hancock promises to be a highlight of the conference, offering insights into how mental health and planetary health are intricately linked to the overall well-being of our society. The speakers will delve into how advancements in public health can foster a society that values and promotes the well-being of all its members against the backdrop of global environmental changes.

Why You Should Attend

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Atlantic Policy Forum on infant, child, and youth mental health promotion. Under the theme “The Enduring Spirit of Collaboration – Celebrating 20 Years with ASI!” We will explore the significant strides we have made and the future pathways in mental health promotion.
ASI 2024 will not only reflect on two decades of impactful collaboration but also aim to strengthen our collective resolve to foster policy actions that promote well-being and resilience. This conference is designed for a broad audience, including politicians, public servants, health practitioners, academics, community leaders, and the general public, who are all vital to advancing our shared goals.
Stay tuned for more updates and information on how to register for the 2024 ASI Conference. We look forward to seeing you there as we explore crucial themes that will shape the future of public health and planetary well-being.

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