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Our 2016 program will build upon the work undertaken at last year’s Symposium on Child and Youth Mental Health with a longer, 3-day program that is cross-generational and multi-sectoral. We will encourage regional collaboration between policy makers, practitioners, educators, researchers, parents/caregivers, youth, community members and supporters. We aim to collectively gain in-depth insight into youth mental health issues in our region and to collaboratively construct strategies to promote positive mental health in schools and communities.

ASI 2016 will feature speakers, presentations and curriculum pathways. Topics and events will include:

  • Building and using evidence for collective impact on child and youth mental health
  • Intergenerational leadership to create a shared agenda
  • Ensuring the rights of children and youth in policy across governments and communities
  • Developing social emotional learning (SEL) skills to work more effectively with children and youth
  • Creating and nurturing supportive school communities
  • First Nations Mental Health Framework
  • Story Tellers’ Circle

Once again, the Institute will engage and develop youth leadership capacity and also deliver a Children’s Program.

ASI 2016 will be held throughout Holland College, including in the new Florence Simmons Performance Hall.

ASI Curriculum Pathways 2016

The Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities is a curriculum based learning institute. Curriculum is defined as a pathway for learning designed to build skills and meet stated outcomes through activities and materials. The ASI Curriculum is a learning pathway to create healthier and safer communities.

This year the ASI offers six Curriculum Pathways which address the many strategies required to achieve collective impact on child and youth mental health. The six curriculum pathways reflect the strategies of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion – timely given that this year is the 30th anniversary of the Charter in 2016.

1. Building and Using Evidence for Collective Impact on Child and Youth Mental Health

  • Reorient Health/Human Services (Ottawa Charter)

Objective: To develop skill in finding and using evidence to build a case for investing in the promotion of child and youth mental health and access to care. Click here to view description and facilitators.


 2. Intergenerational and Gender Leadership to Create a Shared Agenda

  • Strengthening Community Action (Ottawa Charter)

Objective: To increase skill in shared leadership engaging all generations in promotion of child and youth mental Health and improved access to care. Click here to view description and facilitators.


3. Child Rights-Based Approaches to Youth Mental Health: Ensuring the Rights of Children and Youth in Policy Across Governments and Communities

  • Building Healthy Public Policy (Ottawa Charter)

Objective: To present an alternative to the dominant paradigm of health as a human need, as opposed to health as a human right. The modules of this theme will provide participants with an in-depth introduction to the discourse of children’s rights, with particular emphasis on the right to adequate healthcare in the context of youth mental health. Click here to view description and facilitators.


4. Developing Social and Emotional Skills to Work More Effectively with Children and Youth

  • Developing Personal Skills (Ottawa Charter)

Objective: To develop increased skills in social and emotional learning to work more effectively in empowering children and youth. Click here to view description and facilitators.


 5. Taking a leadership role in promoting social and emotional learning in your school community: Understanding and promoting PATHS!

  • Creating Supportive Environments (Ottawa Charter)

Objective: To increase skill in assessing school environments, creating community partnerships, and implementing strategies for a positive school culture. Click here to view description and facilitators.


6. Promoting Mental Health Thematic Workshops – Scaling up Innovation in Schools and Communities

Objective: This series of workshop brings together 3 topic areas with one common element –scaling up of innovation to promote social emotional learning and mental health amongst children, youth and their families in schools and communities. Click here to view description and facilitators.

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