Online Atlantic Provincial Workshops- in each Atlantic Canadian province

We want to engage you in an online process that will build connections and familiarity with the ASI Policy Brief, identify champions and identify upstream policies and programs that promote mental health – beginning in the early years. Workshops will take place in early July in partnerships with non-profit organizations in each province.


There is no registration fee, but participation for each consultation is limited to 50 people.


Links to register:

The why and how of ASI Online Provincial Workshops:

ASI has recently released a policy brief advocating for “upstream” investment in mental health promotion entitled Upstream Investment: Placing infant, child and youth mental health promotion at the forefront. ASI is now reaching out to people such as you across the Atlantic Region who have an interest in promoting infant, child and youth mental health.  Now is the time to build capacity and collaboratively address our Regional issues!

Accordingly, we want to invite you in an online process that will introduce you to the policy brief and engage your participation in a facilitated discussion in which you can identify provincial champions and provincial upstream policies and programs that begin in the early years to promote mental health.  We will also explore ways in which we can collaborate across sectors, disciplines, and cultures in Nova Scotia. Ultimately your input will be used to inform the Atlantic Council of Premiers and other Atlantic policy makers for upstream investment in mental health promotion.

ASI’s policy brief can be accessed through the following links:

Funding for these workshops is provided through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Intersectoral Action Fund as part of a one-year project to advance upstream investment in policies that promote equity and mental health amongst infants, children and youth in Atlantic Canada and beyond, enhancing capacity through knowledge mobilization for intersectoral action amongst governments, private sector and civil society.

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