Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program is a priority of the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities (ASI) given its theme of Let’s Act Together! Developing a whole society approach to promoting child and youth mental health. The program will build on lessons learned from previous ASI programs and will provide an opportunity for young people to attend and have a voice in shaping the future agenda for children and youth in Atlantic Canada. ASI has learned from previous events how important it is to foster intergenerational learning. During ASI 2018, there will be time for youth to both participate in the full ASI 2018 Program and convene separately to develop long lasting connections.

Who is eligible to apply?

ASI 2018 will support at least five youth from each Atlantic province to come together in Charlottetown for this event. Young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are affiliated with a community group and have experience/interest in being an advocate or leader are

encouraged to apply. Exceptions to the age limit may be made for young people who fit all other criteria. Applications will be received until June 11, 2018. [NOTE: If you have inquiries about the program after June 11th, please contact us! If there is still space available in the program, we would be happy to consider your application]


  1. To provide an opportunity for young people to hear and respond to current evidence and to incorporate young people’s perspectives into building on the Call to Action developed in 2017
  2. To develop ongoing channels/networks for youth engagement to improve child and youth mental health
  3. To encourage collaboration amongst all age groups throughout the program and after ASI 2018


Program Design

The program will be planned with input from youth leaders who attended the 2017 Symposium and will extend over 3.5 days (August 19-22). An orientation for youth delegates will be held in the evening of August 19th with an one-day youth leadership workshop to follow on August 20th. To create space for a youth voice during the full ASI program, round table discussions with other participants have been added to this year’s program and will contribute to advancing the Call to Action during the event. Financial support will be provided for travel, accommodation and meals, where required.  In addition, emotional support and safe spaces will be available during the program.

An ASI Youth Leadership Coordinator will liaise with organizations and provide planning and oversight to the Youth Leadership Program.

Read our press release to learn more.

For more information, contact:

Hillary Abbott
Youth Leadership Coordinator
Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities

ASI office:           902-894-3399
Direct line:         902-388-6336

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