ASI Final Program & Pre-Institute Workshop!

The program for the 10th anniversary Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy & Safe Communities is now online and available for download. Important program updates have been finalized, and we are pleased to present a tighter three-day program running August 19-21, rather than the three and a half day program originally planned. Expect the same high-quality learning experience as previous Summer Institutes, with a stronger, more cohesive focus over the three days of programming. We can’t wait for you to join us!

See the program and register by clicking here.

 Join our Pre-Institute Workshop!

Begin your ASI experience with our optional Pre-Institute Workshop, “Elections and Long-Term Democratic Engagement of Citizens”. Marie Burge of The Cooper Institute is facilitating this workshop, which takes place 9am-12pm, August 19 in the CAST Building of Holland College.

About the Workshop:

Elections & Long-term Democratic Engagement of Citizens is an interactive workshop designed to address the concern that democratic elections often do not deliver long-term democratic citizen involvement. Participants will share their experience of election processes and identify values that either promote or hinder long-term democratic engagement. Working together, participants will propose changes and strategies for making electoral processes contribute to long-term citizen/community engagement in building strong democracies.

The public is invited to take part in this workshop and the workshop-only registration fee is $20.

Register Here:

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