Call for Abstracts

ASI 2018 will feature many opportunities for you to share your experience and knowledge and to learn from others, and we invite you to submit an abstract (short description) of your project. We welcome submissions that include various types of evidence: research, best practices and lived experience. Researchers, educators, community and workplace leaders, and youth leaders and changemakers are invited to submit an abstract.

The submission deadline is Monday, May 21, 2018. Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel and decisions will be communicated by June 5.

The Call for Abstracts is for three different types of sessions. We invite submissions that provide evidence related to policies and programs that address universal (for all) and targeted (vulnerable groups and those at higher-risk) approaches to promoting child and youth mental health across diverse sectors and in key settings including: home, schools, colleges, communities, workplaces, online, and health services.

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