Accommodations Guide

We are so excited for you to come to ASI 2022. Holland College is offering wonderful accommodations at affordable prices for the Forum. There are several options with Glendenning Hall being a fantastic option for

Online Atlantic Provincial Workshops- in each Atlantic Canadian province

We want to engage you in an online process that will build connections and familiarity with the ASI Policy Brief, identify champions and identify upstream policies and programs that promote mental health – beginning in the early years. Workshops will take place in

Things to Look Forward To: ASI 2022

Learn about what the ASI staff are looking forward to for ASI 2022. Stay tuned for future posts regarding top picks for Charlottetown restaurants, sight-seeing, things-to-do, shopping, and so forth.  Ellen T. Communications Coordinator, Event

Early Bird Registration

Early registration for ASI 2021 is open until June 15! Register! Personal, community, and societal resilience is essential to support the mental health of children and youth and achieve ‘the great reconnect’ in a post-COVID

ASI 2021: March Registration Special!

Atlantic Policy Forum on Mental Health Promotion August 23-25, 2021 ~ Online The Great Reconnect: Building Personal, Community and Societal Resilience in our Post-COVID-19 World   Registration $325 Early Bird rate (until June 15) After June 15:$450

ASI Online

We are so excited for our Interactive Presentation Series this spring! Join us this spring for a series of five sessions within the theme of Building Resilient Communities. Register now for the first ASI Online Interactive Presentation: “Promoting and

The ASI Team is Growing!

We are thrilled to announce three new additions to the ASI team. We’re excited to have them bring their creativity and energy to the planning for the ASI 2020 Online Policy Forum! To learn more

Group Rates for ASI 2020

Reserve seats now for groups of 3 or more and get one registration free! This offer ends on July 31. Contact us at to request an invoice or arrange for online payment (this package cannot be

Register Now! ASI 2020 Online Policy Forum

The “new normal” has limited our ability to gather in large groups spanning provincial borders, but it has also increased public awareness about mental health and wellness, and the need for upstream action. With this

ASI Welcomes New Board Members

Four new board members have been approved by the ASI Board of Directors: Rebecca Francis, Susan Hartley, Emily Laite, and Eva Sock. Each of them brings something new to the ASI Board, as we continue


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